CryptoUI is a “one-man band” project build with passion for design and crypto

It’s a dribbble/behance type of website – clean and simple – but with curated content.

My aim is to generate a library/database with the best projects and designers in the space. Being a non-profit website (no ads) community donations are welcomed – all the money will be used to maintain and further develop the platform.

If you feel excitement when a project is rebranding, redesigning or launching a new product, make sure to follow @cryptoui on Twitter for updates.


Feedback pls

The more feedback and suggestions I get the better the experience gets for all of us. So if you are skilled in the art of coding and willing to help me fix a bug/ add a new feature, let’s join forces. You can email me at or drop me a dm on twitter. Your name will be added to volunteers list displayed here.



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Behind the screen

Andrei Luca (founder)